Dedicated For Two Jules,

First and foremost, Spiritual Philanthropy is the giving of one’s self in service to others unconditionally. Those like-spirited souls who resonate with this idea will understand intuitively and naturally that we get by giving which I learned this year (2011) fully from my friend Brandon Norris.

A Spiritual Philanthropist sees clearly that there are many ways (likely as many as can be dreamed) beyond material wealth to serve, share, collaborate and assist others. Time, Energy, Passion, Focus, Attention… resources including Money but also Skills, Knowledge, Expertise, Connecting people with peers who can also swiftly and effectively lend a hand.

A Spiritual Philanthropist comprehends the principles of our Holographic nature of existence; where each individual reflects the whole of reality and the whole reflects back into the individual. This interplay creates the realization that each of us carries within us a complete piece of Universal Consciousness which is forever entangled and connected to every other part of the single Universal Source of Being. Some seem to call this Being God, others Tao… there are many names but in my personal experience they are pointing to the exact same Being.

Serving one person serves the world- serving the world includes serving every individual part. A Spiritual Philanthropist remembers that the separation between self and other is a subjective perception that fulfills its role in life but is not the entire story. Therefore, serving others is equal to serving one’s self and serving one’s self is equal to serving others. It’s simply the Golden Rule in action and Spiritual Philanthropists live humbly, passionately and confidently within that paradigm.

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